Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Three Blind Mice Designs provide shipping to countries other than Malaysia?
Yes, we do! But different charges apply.

2) How much are the shipping charges?
We use PosLaju courrier to deliver the items and goods. Postage fees vary based on weight. To view the prices, you can go to Shipping and Purchases.

3) Do returning customers receive discounts or privileges?
No, but we have other privileges! Check out the main page for more!

4) Does Three Blind Mice Designs refund damaged or lost items?
All items sold are brand new and we package all items purchased properly in a parcel and make sure that they won't be damaged easily. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for items damaged or lost during shipment and will not refund them.

5) Can customers pay via Paypal or Google Merchant?
Currently, TBM  Designs does not accept payments via Paypal or Google Merchant.

6) Where do you buy your materials?
Hmm.. I buy them mostly from online stores like Crafty Heart and Scrap-n-Crop. Their products are of very high quality and are imported. But I also purchase some from Smidapaper. It's an online store too, but they have a physical store, so I buy some stuff from there.

7) How do you price your cards?
I price them based on the materials used and time taken. Many more factors are involved too, like creativity, design etc.

8) How are the items purchased packaged?
Cards are backed by hard cardboard and then covered with foam. We then wrap it with bubble wrapping, package it in brown kraft paper and tie a ribbon around it for prettiness.

9) Do you provide envelopes?
We will provide envelopes upon requests. We try to provide coordinating envelopes, but you can choose them yourself if you want.

10) How long can we reserve items?
The usual period is 2 days, unless you have informed us beforehand. After 2 days, if the customer has yet to pay, we will put it back for sale.

If you have questions that cannot be found here, feel free to email me at g-1710@hotmail.com, and I'll add your question to the list. ;)