Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mentioned in Female Mag Online

Three Blind Mice Designs was mentioned in Female Magazine's website! Check it out right here :

Even though I'm closing this blog down soon, it's still nice to be mentioned in Malaysia's leading magazine (well, website.. but still!). Thanks, Female Mag! :-)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

moving to Crane & Fox!

Hey guys!

Three Blind Mice Designs will be officially closed on the 30th of December 2011. We will be moving to Crane & Fox on the 1st of January 2012! Actually, you can view the site now, it's already online. :-)
Of course, this blog will still be around for a few months, to redirect people to the new site.

Crane & Fox is a mix of everything! But mainly, I have stocked up on paper goods, and jewelry. I'm still selling my cards, but I'll also be selling jewelry from our sister site, Little Madeleines (which has been shut down too), and (this is the most exciting part!) Letterpress Prints made by Diane and Madeline at Tag Team Tompkins!

You may notice that my cards are priced higher. It's because recently I've realized that all those materials, costs, time and soul taken to make a card costs a lot higher than what I've estimated. I used estimate that they cost roughly RM 6.00, now after some serious-no-nonsense calculations, I've realized that a card costs me a whole lot more.

So, just to notify you about the move, and I hope that maybe you could check the new site out? It would really mean a lot to me. :)


Monday, November 21, 2011

The Good, and the Bad...

Three Blind Mice has been vacant for some time now, and I honestly don't know if anyone will be reading this post since there had been no updates from April till now.

But after two years and a half, I will finally be shutting this humble blogshop down.....

.... to make way for the NEW one! :D

The new website (yet another blogshop...) will include my handmade cards and much more! And I assure you, I will strive to create the new blogshop with 40 different cards each month until you grow bored of them or my hands drop off, which ever comes first.

I have even liaison-ed (ooh, what a sexy word that is!) with some oh-so talented people around the world to bring their amazing and super delightful works to Malaysia. Well, actually the technical word is wholesale, and liaison doesn't really hit the mark very well, but I'm still going to use it.

And you'll be seeing some of my other creations too! You know, the sort of things besides cards and paper... and hopefully I will surprise you. ;)

And when will this spanking new blogshop commence business? January 2012! :D

You will be hearing more of it in December, after I have settled everything! In the mean time, stay tuned!

p.s : I have changed my old email address to . Please email me at that address if you are interested in purchasing the cards here. The old one was hacked into. :(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I know… I know….

Okay, I said that I’ll be shutting down Three Blind Mice Designs till December, and I meant every word when I said it. But the thing is……. I can’t stand the paper temptation! Ok, but I’d like to make this clear (just in case), these cards are a one-off. They are for sale, but after that, no more cards. Right, now I just have to make sure that I stay away from paper.

candy closeup

Card on the Left : Hey Sugar – CD0084
Price : RM 10.00
Height x Length = 15 cm x 9 cm
Card on the Right : Sweet Like Candy – CD0085
Price : RM 11.00 (SOLD - NO REMAKES)
Height x Length = 15 cm x 9 cm

WOW. mom, you’re amazing. – CD0086
Price : RM 10.00
Height x Length = 9 cm x 13 cm
4 pack
Moose and Camera
u and mewoof
4 Pack Flat Cards
Price : RM 25.00
Height x Length = 12.5 cm x 9 cm
These Flat Cards can be used for many occasions! Send them to friends to make their day! The front part of each card is embellished and the back side of it is left blank (unlined). Write or draw anything you want and send them to the people around you!
Almost every card has 3D embellishment (Felt Puppy, Cardstock Flowers with buttons, 3D fabric words).

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hey there,

recently, Three Blind Mice Designs was featured on TV 3. It was a bit embarrassing and exciting at the same time, and it felt extremely weird to see myself on televison!

I just want to say a great big thank you (accompanied by a big slobbery kiss too!) to everyone who saw it and visited my website to support me. :)

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my customers for supporting me by purchasing my handmade cards too. Thank you so much!

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Would you be mine? Valentine Cards


I’ve been trying to whip up more cards for Valentine’s Day before I shut down Three Blind Mice Designs (temporarily). If you’re interested in purchasing some for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, please drop me a line at :)
Click on the pictures for a larger version.



Code : CD0078
Price : RM 10.00 - 2 SOLD (NO REMAKES)
Length x Height = 15 x 9 cm


This card is my fav! It’s made with Kraft cardstock, foam stickers and glitter stickers. Simple and Minimal.
If you read carefully, you’ll be able to read the tiny silver words in between. But if you don’t, well, you’ll still be able to read the words “I LOVE YOU”. Neat, huh? : )

Code : CD0079 - SOLD (NO REMAKES)
Price : RM 9.50
Length x Height = 16 x 9 cm

A cute and cheerful card! Made of Kraft cardstock, light pink cursive foam stickers and a 3D tree icon.


Code : CD0080
Price : RM 8.00
Length x Height = 15 x 9 cm

A sweet and whimsical way to send your greetings this Valentine’s Day!
The red heart had been handcut and designed with a white pen. Simple and cute!


Code : CD0081
Price : RM 9.00 - SOLD (NO REMAKES)
Length x Height = 9 cm x 15 cm

Cute and friendly, with a stylish edge! Adorned with a 3D chipboard birdie and cotton string.


Code : CD0082
Price : RM 9.50 - SOLD (NO REMAKES)
Length x Height = 15 x 9 cm

“To : _____________
From : a secret admirer”

When ordering, let me know who your recipient is, and I’ll place his/her name on the card! :) Unique and cute!


Code : CD0083 - SOLD (NO REMAKES)
Price : RM 9.50
Length x Height = 9 x 15 cm

A quirky and special card for a special person!

That’s all for now! Happy Thaipusam, by the way! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Temporarily Offline

tbmHello everyone,

It has been a really busy year last year and a very rewarding one too. Sad to say, I will be temporarily closing down Three Blind Mice Designs from March till end of December, as I'm won't be able to put aside some time to create cards this year. Production will stop this March, and I won't be accepting custom orders anymore. 

I'd like to say a huge "Thanks" to my friends and family for supporting me throughout the entire year! And also to my faithful customers (some of which have become friends). Without you guys, there wouldn't be the mice! :)

I'll really miss the paper and buttons, but I'll be reopening Three Blind Mice Designs next year, January. And by then, I'll be revamping the website and everything else! It'll be so awesome, you might not even recognize the site! :)

**If you'd like to purchase a card, kindly do so before the 30th of February. Emails to purchase or order cards will not be entertained afterwards. Happy New Year!

Valentine’s Day Cards will be out next week! Time for some lovin’!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread men and Candy!

Hello again!

Just finished making a set of cards for Christmas!

candy card


gingerbread man

Christmas Cards

The three cards come in a set, and with all different designs too!

Price : RM 18 for one set (3 cards)

Height x Length = 15 cm x 9 cm

The cards were made using stamp sets and Kraft cardstock, and candy cane ribbon! Perfect for this season’s card-giving!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lollipop Felties!

These were made by a friend, and because these lil’ fuzzballs are soo cute, and I thought they were perfect for stuffing Christmas Stockings, here they are! :) Hope they serve well as eye candy too!



One Lollipop Feltie = RM 6.00
You can choose from BROWN lollies and PINK lollies.

Only 12 Lollipop Felties available.

*Buy 3 in a set for only RM 15.00.

These little cute things are meant to be hung onto phones, and would make perfect gifts for teenage girls and best pals! And the gold ribbon just adds a festive touch to it, perfect for Christmas! These lollipops have little sequins stuck onto them carefully at the sides, and are made with felt, ribbons, and wooden sticks.

P.S : Three Blind Mice Designs is now open for custom orders too. So if you would like a custom card made for anyone, just drop me a quick email at :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Badges – Random, Silly Ones

Hello there,
just popping by with a quick update about badges. Just got some made, and they’re still piping hot, straight from the oven. :)
These are very random and silly funny ones. So no, your eyes are not messing with you and you are not reading it wrongly. Just for fun. :)

Diameter Size = 6 cm
Price = RM 6 (Inclusive of Pos Ekspres – Free!)
Only 1 of each design and no remakes. Sorry!

1) I’m a Kick-Ass Ninja! Watch out!
2) I {HEART} Spongebob - SOLD
3) I have one mean burger at home. You do not want to mess with me.
4) Zombie Hunter
5) I’m in charge of the medicine. Be nice.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warm Hugs, Kisses and Whatnot!

Hey there!
Sorry about the lack of update (seems like all I do now is apologise about this, oops)! I’ve been trying to cook up some cards, some notebooks and also something for Christmas! But for now, here are some cards I’ve made. Not too late to start shopping for Christmas cards!


Code : CD0075
Price : RM 8.00
Height x Length = 9 cm x 14 cm
Just the card to perk up a friend’s mood, or to send warm greetings and love. :)

The cardstock has canvas texture and is a little special, compared to my usual cards. The word “HUGS” is made of white hard chipboard and the butterfly is also made of chipboard.


Code : CD0076
Price : RM 8.00 - SOLD (NO REMAKES)
Height x Length = 9 cm x 14 cm
This card is on the minimalist side, and is a no-fuss way of telling someone how much they mean to you. And just like the card above, this also has a canvas texture, as you can see it the picture. Oh, and there it is, the same butterfly from the card above! :)


Code : CD0077
Price : RM 9.00 - SOLD
Height x Length = 9 cm x 14 cm
And last but definitely not least, a Christmas Card! No harm stocking up on some Christmas cards for your loved ones. And you can be sure a handmade card will make this Christmas a little bit special, for both the recipient and the giver!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Knock Knock! New cards are here!

Hello everyone,

I’m so sorry for not updating for weeks! I’ve been really busy with Year-end exams, projects, planning yadda yadda yadda…
But now, here are 4 cards that I’ve managed to finish. 2 of them are for special occasions, and the other 2 are for CHRISTMAS!!


Code : CD0071

**The idea for this card was given by a visitor. She proposed that I do Wedding Invitations, but seeing that I’ve got my hands full currently, for now, this will just have to do. : )

It’s a perfect card for wishing any happy couple a fairytale life together! Simple and classy.
The tag “BLISS” is made of metal and has a cotton string tied around it.

Price : RM 9.00 - 4 SOLD : NO REMAKES
Length x Height = 8 cm x 13 cm


Code : CD0072

This has to be my fav card in this new collection. It’s so simple, and sweet! Also perfect for a bf or husband, because it looks more masculine than feminine.

The birdie is made of hard chipboard and adds a little 3D to the card.

Price : RM 10.00 - SOLD (NO REMAKES)
Length x Height = 13 cm x 9 cm

naughty or nice

Code : CD0073

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Give this whimsical and fun card to a best friend or trasured family 
member this Christmas, and you can be sure your card will be the cutest and most special!  : )

The words are made of glitter stickers, very festive and eye-catching! And the daisy flower is actually made of felt and buttons, to add a very special touch to the card.

Price : RM 10.00
Length x Height = 13 cm x 9 cm


Code : CD0074

A sweet and floral card for this festive season! Give it to someone close to your heart this Christmas for a personal and caring touch.

The word “XMAS” is made of puffy stickers and the little blue flower beside it is made of chipboard and a rhinestone in the middle. : )

Price : RM 9.50  - SOLD - No Remakes
Length x Height = 12 cm x 8 cm

p.s : Custom orders will be accepted starting 3rd of December, so if you have any special cards you’d like to give to friends and family this Xmas, be sure to send in your order once week before Christmas Day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Business Cards!

Hey everyone!

I’ve just received a pack of mini business cards from MOO! They are called MiniMoos. :) And I’m so excited! They are so colourful, look!

cards 2 
From now onwards, all purchases will come with this business card! Hopefully, it will brighten up your day with it’s pretty pretty colours!

Moo is a printing company that supplies business cards, stickers, and postcards. You can head over to to check out some of their awesome stuff! They are based in UK, and the quality of the cards are just terrific! They are very thick, and did I mention that they are very pretty? :)

And you don’t even have to go through the hassle of choosing a logo etc. Just choose a few (or a hundred) ready made pics from their designers, fill in your details, and you’re good to go!



Keep On Rockin’! - Card


Code : CD0070
Length x Height = 15.5 cm x 10 cm
Price : RM 8.00 - SOLD ( NO REMAKES)