Sunday, October 25, 2009

"You Make My Heart Happy" Card

Hi everyone,

here's my 9th card so far! 


Code : CD0009

This is a fairly simple, but unique card. Not to complicated, yet meaningful. Pieces of cardboard are attached behind the scroll and the heart to highlight and bring them forward a little, giving them a 3-D effect. Perfect to show your love! The pink heart has little stitches around it and the words are written in purple ink. Drop it on your soul mate's desk and see his or her face light up. It's this little things that make life more meaningful. :)

Unless you tell us what to write, the inside of the card will be left blank. A white piece of paper will be attached to the inside.
Comes together with a pink envelope (red and white are also available).

Height x Length = 10.4 cm x 12.3 cm
Price : RM 4.00

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