Wednesday, December 23, 2009

“Camy” Card

 Bon soir people!

Well, it means good evening in french… I’ve been going for french lessons these past few days and I’ve learned a few things. Hee!

Anyway, here’s another card for a friend. I think it’s nice that people are giving away cards the traditional way. It really gets the message across. :D

Code : CD0024

I’ve added some scallops around the side and also tied a red polka dot ribbon, as you can see. I bought the ribbon a few weeks ago and was so eager to try it out! :)

The card reads : Camy my friend

Usually, I use contrasting colours for my cards, but I decided to try something different. Sadly, that habit couldn’t stay out from this design… see the black background? Pfft.
An white piece of paper is inserted for messages and it comes with a white envelope. You can change the colour if you want to, though.

And to say I utterly love this card : J’aime beaucoup ce carte!

Height x Length = 10.5 cm x 13 cm

Please contact me to check if this card is available for remakes

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