Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Stationary Set (RELISTED)

Good afternoon, everyone!

I've just finished a set of stationary to be put on sale. I know these aren't cards, but I thought they would be very useful to anyone (not to mention adorably vintage) and they fall into the 'almost cards' category!

Code : PK0002

This set contains :

4 Vintage Envelopes - Standard Size (12cm x 16 cm)
4 blank note cards 
1 Miniature Recycled Notebook

Buy it as a present for a friend or keep it for yourself! The envelopes are handmade from pages of a vintage Grimm's Fairy Tales book ). They are very thick and are of high quality.

As for the notebook, I actually bought it from a store and designed the front cover. The pages are made from recycled paper and are a little thinner than usual paper. Everyone needs somewhere to jot down random stuff!

The note cards are not greeting cards, but just blank notes. You can use them to write on and post along with the envelopes or use them to leave notes around the house.

Price : RM 13.50
Last Pack!

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