Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gift Tags!

Howdy everybody,

Made some gift tags earlier, just for fun. They aren’t exactly cards, but close. :)



Code : PK0007

They come in packs of 10, with two colors – Gunmetal Grey and Sunshine Yellow. A ribbon is tied to the tag for convenience.

How you can use these tags : 
1. Attach them to presents (Christmas!)
2. Attach them to flowers and bouquets
3. Tie them to customers' parcels to show how important they are
4. Attach to lunchboxes on random days, just for the fun of it

Well, you can use them for anything you can dream up, actually!
They are really adorable, also kept some for myself. :)

You can ask for tags with no ribbons or no holes too.

Price : RM 7.00 (Per Pack / 10 Pieces)
*Colours of ribbons may vary depending on availability

*25% Discount for bulk orders (3 packs and above). Yippee!

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