Friday, March 12, 2010

Handmade Stuffed Bear

* Oo! The new owner posted a picture of Carla on her website, to see her and read the comments, click here. The post of Carla is on the left hand side. :)


How are you guys doing? Hope it’s all fine and well! So, today, I’ve got a little bear for you, made by my friend. She only has two and she’s placing one here for sale!


Code : RB0001

If you have any child at home pining for a friend, this little bear will just do the trick! I can just imagine a little child calling this her best friend! Or, you can keep this bear on your shelf to add a little vintage-ness to your home! And her name is Carla. Yes, she is a she-bear. :)

Her eyes are made out of little black beads, made with high quality fabric and red batik cloth. Her nose is sewn on with brown thread and the paws are white. You can move the legs and hands and turn them 360 degrees. She can also sit and stand up properly! :)

Height = 7.5 inch when standing ; 5.5 inch when sitting

Price : RM 24.00 (adoption + shipping fee)
*Someone has already adopted Carla! Sorry!

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