Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Marshmallow Plushie!

Good morning y’all!

Today, we’ve got this little white plushie, uber adorable! And so fluffy!



Code : PLUSHIE001

Handmade by one of my good friends, this little marshmallow plushie is utterly adorable and so huggable! Her name (yep, it’s a she-marshmallow. Don’t you see those pink cheeks and long eyelashes?) is Minnie. 

Minnie is made of pure white felt. Everything on her is felt, except for the long strings that make up her legs and arms. She loves the morning sun, sleeping, cameras, and hugs! But she is rather prone to injury and often trips over her legs. Thus, she constantly has a bandage on her. Someone needs to take care of her!

You will receive a birth certificate along with Minnie upon purchase to prove that she is a real handmade plushie.

Length = 21 cm (widest point, not including arms), 38 cm (including arms)
Height = 32 cm (including legs)

Adoption fee : RM 38 (including shipping)

*All plushies have been sold, kindly allow at least one week for your ordered plushie to be made.

*Note : There are 2 sort of plushies.
The first type has a pocket at the top of the head so that you can keep your handphone or other things inside.
The other is fully sealed and ready to be hugged!