Monday, May 17, 2010

Always in My Heart - Card (RESERVED)

Ta da! Just made one Father’s Day card for the occasion! And it’s the first! :)


Code : CD0050

This card is dads who travel far and high or work in every corner of the world.

The little wordings say : Far Apart, But Always In My Heart. We used black high quality chipboard for the words ‘DAD’, so that they’re a little more special.

Just because your dad is away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate him! :) Remind him that his family still cherishes him.

Height x Length = 11.5 cm x 17 cm
Price : RM 8.00 (RESERVED)

*No remakes and only one available, because we think all fathers are special, and so should their cards.

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  1. This card contains heart touching comment, I love it.