Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love you, and your clothes too! - Card

Hello everyone!

Made another card out of the newly (or not-so-new-anymore) bought Kraft Cardstock! Another one for Father’s Day!


Code : CD0057

Length x Height = 7 cm x 11 cm

Price : RM 8.00 ( SOLD - NO REMAKES )

We made this with Father’s Day in mind, but you can give it any guy friend close to you!
When I created this card, I thought of my dad. He comes back late sometimes and just throws his clothes everywhere then jumps into bed and sleeps. In the morning, I have to clean them up and it’s really a chore.

But all the same, I love him. So this card is for all daughters or sons feeling the same way I do. I hate cleaning the clothes, but love my dad and his clothes all at the same time. It’s a love/hate relationship (with the clothes). :)

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