Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Roses to Buttons - Cards

Hey there!
It’s been sometime since we updated. And this time, we’re going to bomb you with an explosion of cards! Have fun. :)
Bonjour, Sista!
Hello Sista! A

Hello Sista! Closeup

Code : CD0063 

Height x Length = 10 cm x 18 cm

Price : RM 8.50
(2 SOLD)

We made this for treasured and cherished sisters out there! Feminine, confident and independent, just like this card. :)
We handmade the flower (not sure what type it is), added a button and tied a knot on it. The alphabets are made of high quality chipboard – black.

Hello To You!
Code : CD0064

Height x Length = 17 cm x 9 cm

Price : RM 8.00

This is a very simple card. But we likey it’s clean and retro + modern look! Use it as a thank you card for a school teacher, a friend or your co-workers! A definite day-brightener!
“Hello” word is handwritten with purple ink and we’ve added red buttons, because they look nice. :)


Code : CD0065

Height x Length = 14 cm x 8 cm

Price : RM 8.00
(2 SOLD)

This card is made of transparent cardstock. So look carefully, you might miss the outlines of the card. A perfect card for a girlfriend, a mom or a bestfriend. Strictly for female receivers only. ;)

We utterly {heart} the background pattern of flowers and the die cut tag! The die cut tag is placed on 3d adhesives so that it pops out. And we’ve tied a satin polka dot ribbon to enhance it’s uh, flowery-ness. :)

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