Friday, December 10, 2010

Lollipop Felties!

These were made by a friend, and because these lil’ fuzzballs are soo cute, and I thought they were perfect for stuffing Christmas Stockings, here they are! :) Hope they serve well as eye candy too!



One Lollipop Feltie = RM 6.00
You can choose from BROWN lollies and PINK lollies.

Only 12 Lollipop Felties available.

*Buy 3 in a set for only RM 15.00.

These little cute things are meant to be hung onto phones, and would make perfect gifts for teenage girls and best pals! And the gold ribbon just adds a festive touch to it, perfect for Christmas! These lollipops have little sequins stuck onto them carefully at the sides, and are made with felt, ribbons, and wooden sticks.

P.S : Three Blind Mice Designs is now open for custom orders too. So if you would like a custom card made for anyone, just drop me a quick email at :)

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