Thursday, November 5, 2009

Secret Garden Twin Set - Clear Cards (SOLD)

Good evening folks!

I've just created 2 cards, which I've made into a twin pack. And it's called the Secret Garden Twin Set! Well, no secret-y designs, but I just love the name! But even more exciting is that the cards are transparent! :)

Code : PK0001

It's called the Secret Garden because of the flower designs on them and also because of the muted base colors.

The green card has a " it's your b'day " caption, with four flowers of two colors in a corner and flowing stitching designs. The word " b'day " is made up of glittery copper stickers and the words " it's your " are written on a piece of light brown scroll which has foam backing to make it pop up.

The second card, which has the " u & me " caption is cream in color and has a strip of orange just beneath. Two flowers are randomly placed on the card too. The words " u , me " are formed using pink card stock stickers. The orange strip also has white stitching designs on it.

If you're looking to buy cards no one will forget, these babies are just the ones. Flirty, feminine and flowers. They are just the perfect cards for girls!

Set contains two clear cards and two white envelopes. If you would like a different colored envelope, please email me.
The cards have a white interior, but don't worry, you can't see it from outside.

Height x Length = 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm
Price : RM 12.00

If you would like to buy separately, please email me.

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