Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Thinking of you on this special day" Card (SOLD)

Bonjour everyone!

This morning, I created another card with a dark base, which is the only color I have left (besides grey). I'm running out of paper and I'd better start shopping for more!

Anyway, I hope you like the card!

Code : CD0015

The design is simple and clean. For myself, I like the pink string and button. And also, the pink string is not glued down. Instead, I've tied the string around the card and you'll find I've made a knot inside the card. But don't worry, it's definitely not an eye-sore. Two of the corners are rounded to create a smoother effect on the card.

You can give this card away to anyone on any sort of occasion, since the caption doesn't really keep you stuck to a certain occasion. Maybe you could give it to a friend on a birthday, a boyfriend / girlfriend on Valentine's day or to your mom / dad on their anniversary. Because the card has a dark base, I've attached a piece of white paper inside.

Comes along with a white envelope. If you want a different color, please email me.
Unless you tell me what message to write, the inside of the card will be left blank.

Height x Length = 10.5 cm x 15cm
Price : RM 5.00

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