Saturday, November 14, 2009

" U R older! " Card

Hi guys!

Today's card is just perfect for to wish anyone happy birthday! Hmm... scrap that sentence. It should be anyone with a sense of humor. Anyway, this card was ordered by one of my customers. So... enjoy!

Code : CD0016

This card has a pink ribbon with white stitching (my favourite!)  and I added more stitching around the card and hearts. The words " U R" has been glittered with copper glitter and though you can't see it in the computer, yeah... it's there.

I wouldn't recommend giving this card to a teacher or boss or anyone who can fire or send you to the principal's office. It's more for a friend or your girlfriend / boyfriend... anyone you've know for a long time.

Comes along with a white envelope. If you want another color, please email me.
No paper is attached to the inside of the card.

Height x Length = 10.5 cm x 16.5 cm
Price : RM 6.50

Contact me to see if it is available for remakes

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