Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dot Me Up - Notepads

Feeling a lil’ dotty today, and this is what happens when I do:




Code : PK0008

These books are extremely eco-friendly! They’re created from scraps left from other projects, the paper, the cover and even the ribbons! Great to be used as itty-bitty sketchbooks, to write poems in and life-changing ideas. Plenty of blank space for you to doodle. And their tag-like size just makes them more lovable, just stash them in your purse and go anywhere! 

The books are hand bound by grey thread and have 40 pages. To make sure they close properly, a brown ribbon is added so you can tie them up (as seen in the first picture). Elegant!

Height x Length = 5.5 cm x 10 cm
Price : RM 8.00 (for one set / 3 notepads)

*Each costs RM 3.50 if bought separately.
P/S: Use them as Mother’s Day Gifts! They are simply perfect!

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