Monday, November 21, 2011

The Good, and the Bad...

Three Blind Mice has been vacant for some time now, and I honestly don't know if anyone will be reading this post since there had been no updates from April till now.

But after two years and a half, I will finally be shutting this humble blogshop down.....

.... to make way for the NEW one! :D

The new website (yet another blogshop...) will include my handmade cards and much more! And I assure you, I will strive to create the new blogshop with 40 different cards each month until you grow bored of them or my hands drop off, which ever comes first.

I have even liaison-ed (ooh, what a sexy word that is!) with some oh-so talented people around the world to bring their amazing and super delightful works to Malaysia. Well, actually the technical word is wholesale, and liaison doesn't really hit the mark very well, but I'm still going to use it.

And you'll be seeing some of my other creations too! You know, the sort of things besides cards and paper... and hopefully I will surprise you. ;)

And when will this spanking new blogshop commence business? January 2012! :D

You will be hearing more of it in December, after I have settled everything! In the mean time, stay tuned!

p.s : I have changed my old email address to . Please email me at that address if you are interested in purchasing the cards here. The old one was hacked into. :(

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